Kangaroo Mother Care


Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) is a method of helping premature and low-birth-weight newborns until they are able to survive without intensive care. Mostly used in developing countries, it allows a higher chance of survival for the infant through the use of skin-to-skin contact and increased interaction with the mother and father. Through this, hospitals lacking in equipment and resources are able to send patients home faster and safer while also minimizing the family's expenses.


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We are a recognized group of professionals committed to embrace every newborn's right to a healthy life through

Kangaroo Mother Care by:

  • Using creative training, education and development
  • Advocating its adoption as the standard of care for low-birth-weight infants
  • Nurturing the infant by involving the family and the community



Kangaroo Mother Care Philippines History

KMC in the Philippines was initially adopted at the neonatal care unit of Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital in 1999, after Dr. Socorro dL Mendoza received training on Kangaroo Mother Care in Bogota, Colombia. To date, the KMC program of the hospital has helped not only in maintaining a higher survival rate of infants but also in propagating sustained breastfeeding among mothers. Upon Dr. Mendoza's retirement from government service, she and several like- minded professionals decided other areas in the Philppines would benefit greatly from KMC. Thus the Bless Tetada Kangaroo Mother Care Foundation, Philippines, Inc. was established in 2008. The Foundation's goal is to develop, monitor, and accredit KMC centers and also encourage continued application of KMC as a standard practice in neonatal care. To date, besides the Fabella Hospital in Manila, the Foundation has initiated two other KMC centers one at the Mariano Marcos Memorial Hospital (MMMH) in Batac, Ilocos Norte and two, the Southern Philippines Medical Center in Davao City. Preliminary talks with the officers of the UP- Philippine General Hospital, has been initiated for the adoption of KMC in their NICU unit.


"All low birth weight babies primed to their fullest potential through Kangaroo Mother Care."