1. Training, education & accreditation
    1. Develop a trainer’s manual and a KMC provider’s guide
    2. Develop an administrator’s handbook
    3. Establish standards of accreditation, monitoring and implementation
  2. Development, maintenance & enhancement of program implementation
    1. Generate local data on KMC using standard global data base program
    2. Schedule quarterly assessment of programs based on data generated
    3. Institute quality improvement programs
  3. Support of research and publications on KMC
    1. Conduct national research forums &/or contests on KMC
    2. Funding support or assistance in seeking support for research proposals on KMC
    3. Compile local KMC bibliography
  4. Advocacy activities
    1. Information dissemination of KMC via tri-media sites
    2. Network with the community through LGU’s and other NGO’s
    3. Participate in conferences, FGD’s, and workshops involving the mother-infant dyad