Eastern Visayas Regional Medical Center (EVRMC) accredited as KMC Center for Region VIII






Tacloban City

October 16, 2012

One year after training the EVRMC core team and pilot implemention of the Kangaroo Mother Care Program in the hospital, the program reached significant developments based on the quarterly monitoring visits’ checklist of the KMC Foundation in the Philippines. In recognition of the KMC core team’s efforts, EVRMC was accredited as the Center of Excellence in the Kangaroo Mother Care Program of the Eastern Visayas Region.

The accreditation ceremony was held at the well appointed home of Dr. Nelita Salinas last October 16, 2012. Awarding the accreditation status to EVRMC was the President of the KMC Foundation, Dr. Socorro DL. Mendoza and witnessed by the Board Secretary, Annabella V. Guerrero. Dr. Alberto C. de Leon, EVRMC Chief of Hospital received the accreditation plaque in behalf of the hospital and the whole KMC core team.



The commemorative plaque stipulates EVRMC’s 3 year accreditation status as Center of Excellence in KMC. Over the next 3 years, the Hospital shall be audited quarterly by the KMC Foundation. Continuous implementation and development of the KMC program in Eastern Visayas shall earn the Hospital re-accreditation every 3 years.



Present during the accreditation ceremony were Dr. De Leon, Chief of Hospital, Dr. Rhodora Angulo, Chair Dept of Pediatrics, Pediatric Staff Dr. Nelita Salinas, Dr. Ma. Gemma Ramos, Dr. Audrey Santo & Dr. Gay Pardilla, Obstetrician Dr. Susana Merida, Social Worker Ms. Rachel Quilario, Nurses Ms. Lea Demetria (NICU) and Ms. Flor Advincula (OPD).A sumptous dinner of lechon, crabs, and scallops preceeded the ceremony.

Missed that night was Dr. Aileen Espina, due to a recent injury. She was involved with the initiation & development of the KMC program at EVRMC from the start and takes very keen interest in its implementation. Also missed was Ms. Dolores Casio, NICU head nurse, who was in an ISO seminar.

Over the past year and a half, the EVRMC core team had developed a strategic plan for the implementation of the KMC program, disseminated and trained pediatrics doctors, nurses and social workers on the KMC protocols, and coordinated with other units of the Hospital for logistical support and cooperation. For the period July, 2011 up to July, 2012 the Hospital registered a total of 731 low birth weight infants. Of these, 87 died. Infants enrolled to the KMC program over this period was 273 with only 5 infant deaths.

Below are some of the highlights of the KMC core team’s efforts in the implementation of the KMC program leading to their accreditation.